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"Conad " - The first supermarket in Albania is opened in 2006, in “Galeria ETC” Shopping Center. It is well located in a commercial space of 518 m2. Conad Brand, with over than 1,000 products divided into different categories, has gained over the years consumer confidence keeping a perfect relation between quality and Price. All Conad products has been produced with special attention, strictly selected and inspected. None of the Conad food products contains ingredients originating genetically modified ( GMO ). This confirms once more the special care Conad has on offering to the consumer guaranteed and healthy food .

Banking Services
Raiffeisen Bank offers banking services such as opening accounts, savings accounts , all types of deposits , all kinds of activities on hand, money transfer , bill payment, etc .

ATM Service
Raiffeisen Bank
ProCredit Bank
Alpha Bank

Exhange Service
Exhange.- Yldon offers Exchange business service.

Touristic agency

Helicopter agency


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